Monday, March 9, 2009

Yes You Can

Past challenges given by the Brooklyn Green Team have been about changing daily habits. The team has held the "No New Clothing" challenge, the "No Water Bottle" challenge and the "Bring Your Own Mug" challenge, among others. But this time, the challenge is about volunteering.

The Brooklyn Green Team wants you to "commit to volunteering at least three hours in the next three months. We know you can do it."

For more information on the challenge, how to enter, and a list of organizations you can devote your time to, click here.

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Help the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative

I received an email from Brian McCormick, one of the founders of the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (BGI). He reached out for help to win a grant from Green Mountain Coffee for BGI.

"The funds will help sustain our work over the next five years when the design of the greenway will be completed and the first segements will go into construction. In the current financial environment, coming up wiht the required match for our funding from the NYS Environmental Protection Fund is proving challenging. You can help by voting for the greenway as an innovative climate change solution at"

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