Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Green Jobs Aren't Immune to Economic Crisis

In this economic climate and climate crisis, one would hope that a green job would be the perfect solution. Because creating jobs while helping the environment is win-win. But it turns out, as The New York Times reported yesterday, that jobs in the green energy industry have recently been experiencing lay-offs. Read the full report here. Here's hoping President Obama's stimulus package helps.

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Hearing Considers Proposal for Bike Storage in New Buildings

Brooklyn’s Two Trees Is a Major Supporter of Amendment

The City Planning Commission (CPC) held a public hearing at the New York City Department of City Planning’s (DCP) Spector Hall yesterday morning to discuss a text amendment to the Zoning Resolution requiring indoor, secure, long-term bicycle parking in new multi-family residential, community facilities and commercial buildings.

The proposed text amendment would provide for bicycle parking and storage both at home and in the workplace, with standards that serve the needs of cyclists while providing flexibility to accommodate the needs of development citywide.

Amanda M. Burden, chair, listened intently and responsively along with the other delegates ... read more

Story by Matthew Goldberg

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