Friday, December 12, 2008

Eco-Friendly ‘Progressive Dinner’

It started with the invitation. For this year’s third annual progressive dinner hosted by Brooklyn neighbors Caroline and James Koster, Landis and James Best and Susannah Drake and Stephen Culhane, the theme was eco-friendly.

To set the tone, their 60 invited guests received invitations printed on botanical seeded paper which sprouts into wildflowers when planted after the party is over. The invitation further encouraged “vintage, homespun, borrowed or handmade fashions.”

Plans were then made to host an eco-friendly cocktail party at the Bests’ home followed by a black tie seated dinner a few blocks away at the Kosters’ apartment.

“With guests able to walk to the events and to the Yuletide Ball after the dinner, we realized that it would just cost a few dollars to offset our carbon footprint for the event,” said organizer Caroline Koster. “So, we had to come up with some new ideas to make an eco-friendly event.” The trio decided to feature organic and local foods and beverages, environmental awareness and homemade ideas to make the party elegant, festive and green.

In addition to the cocktail party, which will feature organic and Long Island wines ... read more

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