Monday, December 8, 2008

Redefining Green: ‘A Sustainable Healthy Future’

Sandi Franklin Talks About CUE’s Leadership In the Movement

As Sandi Franklin sat at her desk, made of completely recycled materials, drinking out of an aluminum water bottle, she reflected that, yes, she has changed since she became Executive Director of the Center for Urban Environment (CUE).

“I think I’ve changed my whole attitude,” she said. “I have a better appreciation for what my generation did and the generation before it that we’re all trying to clean up now.”

Because when Franklin (pictured above with Aisha Glover) started at CUE in 2002, she had a “non-profit management background,” not an environmental activism background. “In the last seven years the staff here has probably taught me more than I’ve taught them,” she said.

“I didn’t go to get this job because I was an educator or an environmentalist. I was very interested in ... read more

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