Friday, January 9, 2009

Shorter Showers: A Green Tip

I came across the Brooklyn Green Team's blog yesterday, and one feature on it is a series of "eco-challenges." Some of the challenges look fairly easy, like the "No Water Bottle" challenge, the "No Plastic Bag" challenge and the "Bring Your Own Mug" challenge. But I found one a little daunting: the "Five-Minute Shower" challenge.

I take long showers. It's something I've always been embarrassed about and tried to change. I've never been able to trim my shower down to five minutes and always thought it was an impossible feat.

But the Brooklyn Green Team had the following advice:

"Turn your shower on and get yourself soaked. Then turn off the water while you lather, shampoo and shave, then turn on the water for a quick rinse.

"Try using an eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner — not only better for the environment, but washes out faster — cutting your time."

I tried this in last night's shower, and I definitely used less water and took less time.

Thanks, Brooklyn Green Team!

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