Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Green Jobs Aren't Immune to Economic Crisis

In this economic climate and climate crisis, one would hope that a green job would be the perfect solution. Because creating jobs while helping the environment is win-win. But it turns out, as The New York Times reported yesterday, that jobs in the green energy industry have recently been experiencing lay-offs. Read the full report here. Here's hoping President Obama's stimulus package helps.

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tapsearcher said...

No matter how much is invested in green jobs and Research and Dev., if the production phase goes outside the U.S., it is a no win situation. ( read about the 8000 mile energy saving light bulb link below )

Free Trade and Globalization affect the ecology in more ways than one. Clean manufacturing was moved to other countries where it turned into dirty polluting manufacturing.

And no one talks about the cost to the enviroment due to long haul ocean, air, train and truck shipping plus the required protective packaging needed for these long journeys.

See Dark side of Engergy Saving Light Bulbs and the darker story behind it at

See also and by Ray Tapajna