Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cell Phone Towers: Hazardous To Health?

Eagle writer Harold Egeln wrote a story about the decision of Community Board 10 (which covers Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights) to support opponents of cell phone towers being placed in neighborhoods throughout the city. According to his report, Cell Phone Tower Opponents Celebrate as City Council Acts, "the board voted to back a call for stronger federal action to curb cellular antennae and support stronger rules on telecommunication towers placements." This rule is a response to concerns raised by protestors that cell phone towers pose health risks.

But do they? The American Cancer Socity (ACS) posted an extensive report on its web site about cell phone towers. Included is information on what they are, how they work, and whether or not they do cause cancer. Click here for the full report. The gist of it is that cell phone towers are unlikely to cause cancer (or other health issues), there is no evidence so far that they do, but the technology is so new that not enough time has passed to obtain much conclusive evidence.

Also in the report is a list of organizations to contact for further information.

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