Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Gowanus Cleanup

Eagle photographer Mike Plotz caught up with John Muir (pictured), vice chairman of the Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s Board of Directors and longtime Brooklyn environmentalist, at this past Saturday’s “Clean and Green” event sponsored by the conservancy.

Muir is the founder of the
now-closed Center for the Urban Environment (CUE).

At the cleanup, volunteers collected large bags of debris and weeds and also planted wildflowers and other plants on the banks of the Gowanus Canal. Organizers say that when it rains, heavy metals from car runoff will then be absorbed by the plants instead of polluting the already troubled canal.

Photo by Mike Plotz

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Besides the heavy metals from car runoff, are their other substances in the storm runoff that are accumulating in the area? And what kinds of plants were planted here to address these problems? Do you have any information on how much contamination can be removed by plants based on each square foot planted?

Please post answers back with this story.