Sunday, November 30, 2008

Green Foragers Market a 'Great Neighborhood Market,' Say Owners

When walking into the Foragers Market on Adams Street in DUMBO, customers are greeted with the sounds of old music and the sights of colorful, beautifully arranged food. The environment is calm, clean, and gives the appearance that whatever you buy will be good and healthy.

But when the market first opened, its reception was not as warm as its owners – Clifford Shikler, Richard Lamb, Alex Krivosheiw and Anna Castellani – had hoped.

“We were all loft dwellers, but for some reason [the customers] perceived us as being big fancy people who wanted to price gauge and bring [the neighborhood] up to a level that was out of line with their budget,” said Castellani, who wanted to open the shop because ... read more
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