Sunday, November 30, 2008

Superfine Restaurant has Organic Food, Beer and Cleaning Products

Cara Lee Sparry, Tanya Rynd and Laura Tayor developed the idea for the restaurant they own together ten years ago, when they would have supper clubs and parties in their loft. “We transformed the house into a lounge” Sparry said, with a dining room and stage and dance floor. “One night when we were having one of these parties,” she explained, “we thought ‘This should be our job.’”

So the three friends started Superfine Restaurant in the back kitchen of a 90-year-old iron workers bar. They designed and built its current location at 126 Front Street in DUMBO eight years ago, when the community was mostly composed of artists.

“We knew we could serve our community organic, delicious, really simple, beautiful food... at affordable prices” said Sparry. So that’s what they did.

“Whenever possible, we work directly with farmers,” said Rynd. The trio gets their eggs and vegetables from ... read more

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