Tuesday, December 2, 2008

6/15 Green Composted Brooklyn's Leaves, Picked Up Where City Left Off

When New York City decided, due to budget cuts, not to collect leaves separate from garbage this year, community garden 6/15 Green decided to do something about it.

While leaves are always being composted in the garden, this year, members decided to put the word out to all of Brooklyn — and even the rest of the city — inviting anyone who has leaves to bring theirs to the garden.

So they set up four composting events: three that took place over the past two weekends and one that will take place this coming weekend.

Jessica Katz (pictured at right with Sung Uni Lee, a garden member and Master Composter; her three-year old daughter Masai Matale; garden member and Master Composter Holly Hallmark; and volunteer Anthony Ciccone), a member of the garden, helped organize these events. She is a “Master Composter,” having taken a course at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and not only helps compost the leaves given to 6/15 Green, she also ... read more

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