Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Solar Panels Proliferate in ‘Progressive’ Brooklyn

“Nothin’ moves backwards, buddy. Do you want to speak to a nuclear physicist?”

This is what an incredulous Con Edison employee said to Windsor Terrace resident Peter Landy
when his meter indicated that he wasn’t using any of the utility giant’s electricity.

That was two and a half years ago, right after Landy
had photovoltaic panels (pictured at right with Landy) installed on his roof, which convert sunlight into electricity. In other words, he went solar.

“We haven’t had a bill. Just the connection fee, which is around $11,” he says. “We produce more [electricity] than we use, so the meter goes backwards.”

Through a legislated arrangement called “net-metering,” Landy is able to “sell” his excess energy back into the system and build up credit with Con Ed. In the winter and at night, when the sun is less obliging ... read more

Story by Phoebe Neidl, photo courtesy of Aeon Solar

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