Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Green Gift Guide: For All Your (Eco-Friendly) Holiday Needs

Go Green

For the yoga-enthusiast, get an environmentally friendly, all natural yoga mat. You can find one at Brooklyn store Omala, 400 Atlantic Ave., or www.omalausa.com/journeyyogamat.html.

Know someone who needs new dishes for their kitchen? Give them bamboo kitchen products. Many places are selling them now, including The Brooklyn Kitchen on Lorimer St. in Williamsburg. Bamboo is strong and is the fastest growing plant on earth. Instead of cutting down a 50-year-old tree, damaging the surrounding environment, bamboo is cut down and regenerates after three to five years with no negative impacts to the plant or environment (calibamboo.com).

An aluminum or stainless steel water bottle as a gift ... read more

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